Codicote in the Domesday Book, 1086



In 1086 Codicote had 12 households with 16 villagers, 3 cottagers, 4 slaves, 1 Frenchmen, 200 pigs, 2 mills, ploughland, and a total value of 6 pounds.  Back in 1066 Codicote had been worth 12 pounds.  It’s impossible to equate values to our times, but in the 20 years since the Norman invasion, things had clearly gone badly for the locals ...

Very difficult to read the Latin, but you can pick out a few words – ‘french’ … ‘pasture’ … ‘TRE xii lib’ (the time of King Edward 12 pounds) … ‘St Albans’ … ‘abbey’ – the latter highlighting Codicote’s owners at that time.

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